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【Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan Purchasers of Wheelchair Tickets of the Tokyo Stadium】Information about “Accessible Shuttle Bus” and “Accessible Transportation Car” (Advance reservation is required.)

The optional services of “Accessible Shuttle Bus” and “Accessible Transportation Car” will be available for the wheelchair ticket purchasers going to the Tokyo Stadium.
If you wish to use the services, please apply before the deadline after checking the following information since advance reservation is required for both of them.

1 Common

(1)Operated Date

Days of the matches to be held at the Tokyo Stadium

(2)Eligible Applicants

Those who purchased the wheelchair tickets but have not made a reservation of the car park at the Tokyo Stadium.

2 Accessible Shuttle Bus

(1)Type of Service


(2)Operation Hours

Entry Time:3.5 hours before the match to 1.5 hours before the match*
Exit Time :The end of the match to 1.5 hours after the match 
*On 20 September, 3.5 hours before the opening ceremony to 1.5 hours before the opening ceremony.

(3)Operation Route

From the rotary of south exit of Tobitakyu Station (Keio Line) to around the West Gate (N2 Gate) of the Tokyo Stadium

(4)Type of Vehicle

Microbus equipped with wheelchair lift




Around 30 people for each match (excluding companions)
*Only one companion shall be allowed to accompany one ticket holder.

3 Accessible Transportation Car

(1)Type of Service

One way (from the Tokyo Stadium)

(2)Operation Hours

Around the time of the end of the match

(3)Boarding Place

Around the West Gate (N2 Gate) of the Tokyo Stadium

(4)Type of Vehicle

Passenger vehicle, UD (Universal Design) vehicle, etc.
*”UD vehicle” means a vehicle which can accommodate a passenger in a wheelchair.


Actual fare to your destination shall be charged.
*Users may be required to pay an expensive fare because it includes the vehicle’s waiting charge.
(Ex) Apprx.10,000 yen is charged for riding “Japan Taxi” (max capacity: 2 persons) from Tokyo Stadium to Shinjuku (including 15 min. waiting charge). *The fare may change depending on the traffic condition.


Around 10 people for each match (excluding companions)
*The companion can ride the car with the ticket holder.


Those who won the lottery are expected to directly contact the car operator and confirm the riding time and the type of the vehicle. (The car operator will be informed with the lottery result.)
In addition, please note that if you do not use the service despite having made a reservation, you will be required to pay for the vehicle’s waiting charge.

4 How to Apply

Please file an application by filling in the following ① to ⑤ in the application form mentioned below.

①Classification (“Accessible Shuttle Bus” / “Accessible Transportation Car”)
②Name / Address or hotel name / Telephone number / Email address
③Date to use the service
④Type of Wheelchair  (Automotive wheelchair (electric) / Automotive wheelchair (manual) / Wheelchair for care)
⑤Those who apply for “Accessible Transportation Car” shall fill in the following items.

  1. Where to drop you off (Station name or Name of municipality)
  2. Type of vehicle you desire (“It is OK with a passenger vehicle.” “It must be a UD vehicle.”)
  3. Number of companions

●Application Period:Tuesday 13 - Friday 23 August 2019

Application Form:

Reference:Access routes for wheelchair users going to the Tokyo Stadium

Reference:Access routes for wheelchair users going to the Tokyo Stadium

Contact Form:
Bureau of “Accessible Shuttle Bus”/ ”Accessible Transportation Car”
Reservation for Wheelchair Ticket Purchasers Going to the Tokyo Stadium

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