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Rugby World Cup 2019™ ️ Japan tournament "Tokyo holding support fair"

Let’s all support Rugby World Cup 2019™ We start "Tokyo holding support fair"!

The Rugby World Cup 2019™ (Japan, RWC 2019) Japan tournament is within 200 days.In order to raise the desire for the event, the "Tokyo Holding Support Fair" was held at the annex of Tokyo Sports Square (formerly the 1000th Theater), one of the "Fan Zone" venues. From March 3rd (Sunday) to March 31st (Sunday), from 12:30 to 20:00 (planned) every day, we will carry out admission for free. An official badge is presents as an attendance privilege.

Tokyo holding support fair venue Annex

Tokyo holding support fair venue

The first day of the "Tokyo holding support fair" is March 3 (Sun). Same as when the Tokyo marathon was held. It was raining on this day, but many people came before the event. "Tokyo Sports Square Annex" where you can see the sketches and panels of the rugby players even from a distance.

Inside the venue, artificial turf is laid like the pitch of a rugby field, and on the wall, there are panels displaying a list of RWC 2019 match venues and schedules, balls with signed balls and uniforms, etc.



Venue view

Many exhibits at the venue

Exhibitions on the premises can be taken with a smartphone or digital camera. In addition, when you upload the photo you took to SNS, you will also receive a gift campaign for the original product. Take photos with your family and friends in front of the photo panel!


People in the hall are also taking pictures with a smartphone

On the first day of the fair, Ren & Gee of the RWC 2019 official mascot also came. Everyone was overjoyed. Also photo session with Ren-G.

Ren-G  1 visited the venue

Ren-G  2 visited the venue

Visitors photo Ren-G

Ren-G are coming and the venue is lively!

A university rugby and a woman named Ren & Zee fan learned that Ren & Zee is coming from SNS information. "I have not seen the World Cup yet, so I want to go watch it. I want the Japan national team to champion," she said.

Ren-G and Female Fan

”MofuMofu” & ”Kawaii!” Rejoice female fan

The family who came to the venue is a rugby family whose wives are enthusiastic rugby fans and their husbands are also fans. There is also a ticket for the World Cup. "I am looking forward to the world level game being a special event to be seen in Japan." He told the RWC 2019’s passion.

Family visiting

Family taking a photo with Ren-G

I can see the world cup with my family I am impressed with it.

The "Tokyo Holding Support Fair" will be held until March 31 (Sun). Ren & Gee has appeared on the 16th (Saturday), 17th (Sun), 30th (Sat) and 31st (Sun), and there are also official goods sales. Rugby fans and beginners are welcome

Ren-G in front of the venue

"Tokyo holding support fair" will be held until March 31 (Sun)

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