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「Tokyo Sports Square(Previously 1000days Theater)」will be in use!

The Rugby World Cup 2019 approaches, and following that, the Tokyo Olympics. With these 2 events at the forefront, the previously named 1000days Theater is currently being used for event preparations, sparking interest and relaying information to fans.

Gathering information from both of these big events, the goal is to show off the great and wonderful points of Tokyo. With the hopes of many attendees and fans alike, we would like to officially rename the 1000days Theater to [Tokyo Sports Square]!(

※Tokyo Sports Square is currently undergoing the trademark registration process as of January 30, 2019

About Tokyo Sports Square

1 Facility Overview

・Location:Tokyo, Chiyoda Ward, Marunouchi 3-8-3


・Structure:3-story building made from steel (comprised of 2 buildings, a main building and an annex)

・Total Floor Space:9,950.57㎡

      (First floor:4,399.86㎡ Second floor:3,494.49㎡ Third floor:2,056.22㎡)

190201_「Tokyo Sports Square」Street view

【「Tokyo Sports Square」Street view】

2 Location・Access

・1-minute walk from Yurakucho Station on the JR Yamanote Line or Keihin Tohoku Line, Kyobashi Exit

・Yurakucho Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, Exit D9

・3-minute walk from Ginza Icchome station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, Exit 1

※Near the red roof of the Tokyo Kotsu Kaikan


Future Plans

Official event emblem and mascot

Just one of the efforts going toward both of the events is the official emblem and mascot being put on the outside of the main building (JR side) and the roof of the annex building.

・Advertisements can also be seen on the JR Yamanote Line (Tokyo Station ~ Yurakucho Station), the inside of the Shinkansen (Bullet train) and around Yurakucho Station.

・Advertisements will be up from March 2019 until the end of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

※When preparations are complete, fans will be notified via SNS or our website homepage

190201_the official emblem and mascot being put on the outside of the main building

 <Outside of main building(JR Side)>         <Annex Roof>

Advertisements other than those listed above will be implemented as opportunities arise

About Information Meetings and Interviews for Tokyo Olympic 2020 Volunteers


For those interested in becoming volunteer representatives of Tokyo, the host city for the 2020 Olympics, there will be information sessions explaining the details and flow of the event. Interviews will also be held for all applicants as well as, being asked about their intentions, support, scheduling and passion. There will also be an orientation for volunteers interested in management of the event.

Volunteers will be as essential as the athletes in order to run this even smoothly.


February 9, 2019 ~ July 2019

190201_Volunteer Information Session

    <Tokyo Volunteer Information Session>(November 16, 2018)

Rugby World Cup 2019 Related Work

① Rugby World Cup 2019 Exhibition


Display of event marketing, information, and getting everyone excited for the event.


March, 2019 ※ April and onward is still undecided

190201_Rugby World Cup 2019 Exhibition

<Rugby World Cup 2019 Exhibition>(November ~ December 2018)

② Rugby World Cup 2019 Volunteer Training


Training for volunteers about necessary information such as knowledge of sightseeing and traffic information as well as areas and geography around the venue.


Starting June 2019

③ Rugby World Cup 2019 Fan Zone (City Venue)


A public viewing space for fans to watch the match on a large screen while enjoying food, drinks and stage events.


During the Rugby World Cup 2019 September 20, 2019 ~ November 2nd (specific event dates are pending)

190201_Rugby Fan Zone 2018

<Rugby Fan Zone 2018>(November 3rd, 2018)

Olympic and Paralympic City Media Center


During the event, the city will be supporting with a media center for collecting information regarding domestic and international news. With a studio and workspace, event and Tokyo City information will be made available.

※Details about use of the media center will be released at a later date


July ~ September 2020

Tokyo Showcase Event


The 2020 Olympics is a great chance to showcase the wonders of not only Tokyo, but all of Japan. This showcase event will display traditional and handmade goods as well as inform guests about sightseeing spots.

※Details for the event will be released at a later date


July ~ September 2020

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