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Rugby World Cup 2019™ New Years Event “Tokyo Rugby Caravan”

 At long last, on September 20th, 2019, the Rugby World Cup 2019 will be held at Tokyo Stadium.

 The first event of the 2019 will be the first tickets of the Rugby World Cup 2019 going on sale on January 19th (Sat.) along with the ambassadors, guests, and the Official Mascots Ren and Ji touring around Tokyo for the Tokyo Rugby Caravan.

 For participating guests and the event schedule, please click the link below.

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Tokyo Rugby Caravan

Event Outline

(1) Time
January 19, 2019 10:00~17:00
※The first Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets go on sale
※Ticket Information→

(2) Sponsor   Tokyo City Rugby World Cup 2019 Organizing Committee

(3) Admission   Free

(4) Details
The Official Mascots, “Ren and Ji (aka Renji)”, ambassadors and guests will be touring around Tokyo by Toei Bus and Landrover for the “Tokyo Rugby Caravan event. The Tokyo Rugby Caravan will stop at each event place for approximately 20 minutes.

The Official Mascots, “Ren and Ji”

(5)Time(estimation)and venues

 ○10:00~ Opening Ceremony Nippon Seinenkanmae <RWC2019 Organizing Committee Office> (Shinjuku-ward)

 ○11:50~ Machida Tokyu Twins(Machida City)

 ○13:25~ Fuchu Station South Exit Foris Building Plaza(Fuchu City)

 ○14:40~ Mitaka Station South Exit(Mitaka City)

 ○15:30~ Kichijoji Station North Exit(Musashino City)

 ○16:30~ Goal (finishing) Ceremony Chofu Station Plaza(Chofu City)

 ※Due to traffic conditions or bad weather, events may be delayed or cancelled on short notice.

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