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Public Viewing Event「Tokyo Rugby Fan Zone 2018」

Awesome public event with amazing guests!!
「Tokyo Rugby Fan Zone 2018」

The test match of Japan vs. New Zealand was held On November 3rd at the Chofu Ajinomoto Stadium along with, at Yurakucho Infoss, the Tokyo Rugby Fan Zone! With a great turn out, fans from all over were able to enjoy talk shows from our awesome guests as well as other live events.

Event Entrance

「Tokyo Rugby Fan Zone 2018」Event Entrance

After Japan was matched against a World Class team, the New Zealand All Blacks, fans started really getting into rugby. Many fans were crowding around the entrance and lining up to get in and enjoy the event. Only 1 more year until the Rugby World Cup 2019 aka RWC2019!

doors open

Fans flock in as soon as doors open

Ranging from the Public Viewing Corner (3 large screens and a stage) to the Food and Drink Corner and the Rugby Experience corner, fans could spend time in plenty of different ways while surrounded by the rugby which they love. To each their own!

enjoy food and drinks

Plenty of seating to enjoy food and drinks while watching the game

eojoying rugby

Rugby Experience Corner for people of all ages!

The real Web Ellis Cup

The real Web Ellis Cup on display! Yes, It’s real!

The MC of the event, Ryusuke Kelly, hits the stage. Here comes KAGAJO☆7, the rugby cheering squad, with a mini live performance. Giving a cute performance singing songs to explain the rules of rugby, they also performed a skit about the opponents (New Zealand). They were really a fan favorite!

Ryusuke Kelly

Ryusuke Kelly, the event MC

Mini Live Performance

KAGAJO☆7 Mini Live Performance

Next, model Miyu Ikeda (Michopa), actor Tetsuya Sugatani, and comedy duo Sekai are up on stage introducing their volunteering efforts @choibora_tokyo

Miyu Ikeda (Michopa), Tetsuya Sugatani, and Sekai

At「#ちょいボラ」you can check out the volunteering efforts of model Miyu Ikeda (Michopa), actor Tetsuya Sugatani, and comedy duo Sekai

RWC2019 special supporter of Tokyo, Hirona Yamazaki, former Japan Rugby National Team Member and RWC2019 Ambassador Takeomi Ito, former Japan Rugby National Team Member Takamichi Sasaki and Japanese Rugby Union Player Tsuyoshi Murata hit the stage! The members passionately talk about the previous world cup and the condition and strengths of the current Japanese Rugby Union Team and competition!

Hirona Yamazaki, Takeomi Ito, Takamichi Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Murata

From left to right、Hirona Yamazaki, Takeomi Ito, Takamichi Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Murata

Before kickoff, a special live show from Hip Hop artist SEAMO. With an upbeat tempo and fast beat, everyone gathers together in unity to get fired up and cheer on the rugby athletes!

SEAMO special performance

SEAMO fires up the crowd with a special performance

With the event hall still reverberating from the powerful performance of SEAMO, Hirona Yamazaki, Takeomi Ito, Takamichi Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Murata and KAGAJO☆7 join the stage. At this point, Takeomi Ito starts a chant that even the newest beginner can follow: Nippon, Sakura, Rugby! The other guests also passionately share their feelings about rugby for the guests in the audience. No one could take their eyes off of the giant screens while watching the match!

Hirona Yamazaki talking

Hirona Yamazaki talking about her anticipation for the game

Takeomi Ito chanting Nippon

Takeomi Ito chanting Nippon, Sakura, Rugby!

Takamichi Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Murata

Professional commentary from Takamichi Sasaki, Tsuyoshi Murata


Cheering with KAGAJO☆7

Kick off starts and the cheering fervor has not died down. Although the first point went to the New Zealand team, Japan fights back to get their first try and the fans go wild! Next, Japan withstands a brutal attack from the New Zealand offense. Everyone high fives right before the first half ends when Japan gets their 2nd try! The first half finishes 19 to 38, but everyone looks hopefully going into the second half.

around to watch

Everyone gathering around to watch

rugby brings everyone together!

Cheering in unity, rugby brings everyone together!

Japan scores!

A round of high fives for everyone after Japan scores!

Even with Japan being pummeled by New Zealand’s superiority, fans inside the venue cheer and support Japan loud enough to rival the actual stadium. Japan sadly loses the match 31 to 69 but considering New Zealand is considered the world’s best, no one is deterred. Getting 5 tries against them shows Japan’s prowess as a team, it was not an easy feat! The guests give their last thoughts about RWC2019 and the event comes to a close.

Guests excitedly talk

Guests excitedly talk about the event even after the match has ended

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