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Rugby World Cup 2019™ Pre-event (one year before)

Talk shows and the inauguration of the special city supporters are held at the event called “Rugby World Cup 2019 Pre-event (exactly one year before the Rugby World Cup 2019)

This event was held September 23rd, 2018 at Ginza’s Sukiyabashi intersection, also called Ginza Sony Park. Along with the inauguration, there was a rugby experience event held by professional rugby players and the prefectural governor Yuriko Koike. A professional cameraman was set up for a commemorative photo and fans could experience rugby hands on. With these fun filled events, many fans and viewers stopped by and got excited for the Rugby World Cup 2019 (RWC2019).

Many fans and supporters

Many fans and supporters look on as the inauguration of the special city supporters takes place

With the event starting at 10:30 A.M., comedian Ken Watabe, actress Hirona Yamazaki, pro rugby player Kensuke Fukuyama were chosen as special city supporters by the Lieutenant Governor Junko Inokuma by presenting them with a special business card and sash.

Junko Inoguma,Ken Watabe,Hirona Yamazaki,Kensuke Fukuyama

Lieutenant Governor Junko Inoguma after giving the sash and special business card with Ken Watabe, Hirona Yamazaki, and Kensuke Fukuyama

after the ceremony

Commemorative photo after the ceremony

At 11:00, after the inauguration event, the 3 new supporters head down underground to the event space on floor B3 for a talk show. Ken Watabe talked about his fascination with rugby from a very young age when his father used to take him to games, Hirona Yamazaki appealed to women and young people to come out and watch more rugby and Kensuke Fukuyama passionately told everyone about his current status as a player and the great and wonderful things that rugby has to offer.

Talk show

Talk show with the special city supporters

Ken Watabe talking

Ken Watabe talking about how he wants to watch rugby with his kids in the future

Hirona Yamazaki talking

Hirona Yamazaki talking about her hopes for the upcoming RWC2019

Kensuke Fukuyama tailking

Kensuke Fukuyama getting people to share his passion for rugby

Outside and on the ground floor B3, kids up to elementary school age were able to enjoy passing, lift up and tackling at the great rugby experience area of the event. They were really able to get into and enjoy themselves.

The Tokyo sports ambassador character Yurito along with a character from Kumamoto Prefecture, Kumamon, and rugby character Ragamaru join the event for some fun and games.

Kids enjoying rugby

Kids enjoying their first rugby lift up

Many kids were able to enjoy rugby

Many kids were able to enjoy the artificial turf set up for rugby

Yurito, Kumamon and Ragamaru

Yurito, Kumamon and Ragamaru get the fans excited for rugby

A professional cameraman was on-site to present to attendees with a limited time commemorative photo frame and photo! If uploaded the Social Media with the hashtags #tokyo and #rwc2019 your picture may be chosen for the official homepage!

photo with pro rugby players

Commemorative photo with pro rugby players

At 2 P.M., another talk shows starts with Kiyoshi Imazumi, a former professional rugby player and current rugby commentator along with Hirona Yamazaki. Together they talked about the origin and history of rugby and the shape of the rugby ball.

At 3 P.M., CanCam (magazine) held a talk show with CanCam models Chay and Naomi Trauden on the fashion do’s and don’ts for girls supporting rugby.

Rugby talk show

Rugby trivia talk show

Kiyoshi Imazumi tailking

Kiyoshi Imazumi sharing his wealth of knowledge

You can find out more about the model talk show below.

Yuriko Koike, the governor of Tokyo, rushes onto the scene. While listening to Kiyoshimi Imazumi, the governor got to experience rugby with the top league Hino Red Dolphins players. The crowd went wild as she threw a perfect pass to a lifted up player.

Tokyo’s governor finished things off by telling everyone “Let’s cheer for the RWC2019 not as if it’s once every 4 years, but once in a lifetime.”

Yuriko Koike

Yuriko Koike shares her thoughts on the RWC2019

play rugby

Tokyo’s governor throwing a pass to a lifted up player

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