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Tokyo Rugby Fan Zone 2018 Publicity Info!

 Let’s enjoy the Lipovitan D Challenge Cup held at Ajinomoto stadium on November 3rd, 2018 even more by checking out the cool advertisements around the city!

Let’s enjoy the Rugby World Cup with the following:

1.Advertising at Keio Line・Odakyu Line in Shinjuku Station

When:October 29th ~ November 4th

Where:①Digital display at the Keio Line @ Shinjuku station floor B1’s ticket gate

   ②Posters at the platform of the Keio Line @ Shinjuku Station floor B2

   ③Digital displayat the Odakyu Line @ Shinjuku station floor B1 at the west ticket gate

Keio Line Shinjuku Station Home Floor Poster Image

2.PR Flag

Plan:We will be putting up advertisements near shops to promote the RWC 2019

     ※Special thanks to the Tokyo Shopping District Association for their cooperation

When:Starting October 19th 2018 (length of time differs for each area)

Scale:10 special wards and 10 places in the Tama area 

   ~4000 posters in total

PR flag design

Submission area

Posters will be put up in the following areas: Shinjuku, Ginza, Tokyo, Aoyama, Shibuya, Roppongi, Akihabara, Ueno, Meidaimae/Chitosekarasuyama, Chofu, Fuchu, Mitaka, Kichijoji, Machida, Komae, Tagawa, Musashino, Tobitakyu, Musashino-Koganei/Higashi-Koganei

3.Rugby Wall Gallery(Large Poster)

Contents:Thanks to Rugby World Cup 2019 official sponsoir Canon

   Toei Oedo Line Yoyogi Station

When:From October 2018 ~ April 2019

Rugby World Cup September 20th opening!

4.Rugby World Cup 2019 Stamp Rally

Contents:Introducing the Rugby World Cup 2019 Stamp Rally! 。Stamps for the Rugby World Cup 2019 will be located in 5 different cities at 10 different establishments. Check them out and try to collect them all! After collecting all 10 stamps, you will be awarded with a postcard which you can then send to the address written on the card and you will be entered into a lottery for a free gift!

   ※In cooperation with Tamagawa Tourism Association

When:November 2nd to November 30th


Stamp Location


Musashino City Tourism Association


Kichijoji City Information Desk(Atre Kichijoji Fireworks area)


Mitaka City Village of Osawa (Ticket window)


Mitaka City Genki Souzou Plaza(1st floor information corner)


Fuchu Tourism Information Center


Fuchu Kyodonomori Sightseeing Product Building


Chofu City Culture Center


Musashino Forest Sports Plaza


Kojima Cultural Exchange Center


Machida Tourist Gallery

Stamp Rally

Stamp Image
-Push the stamp down onto the white area and collect all 10 colors
-Stamp paper is distributed at the facilities on the left

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