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Rugby World Cup 2019™ Ticket Information

Rugby World Cup 2019 Ticket Information

○Sales to and from third parties is strictly prohibited

○Your ID will be checked at the ticket gate

※Details of the Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets can be found by clicking the link below.



 Please follow the information below when buying tickets.

 Sales for tickets are for 1 match only.

 An ID is required to purchase tickets.

1.Ticket Sales Schedule

Ticket Sales Schedule

A: Rugby Family - Available 02/19/2018 ~ 03/12/2018 (Tickets available 7 months early!) (Lottery result day: 03/26/2018)

B: Citizen tickets (Only available for citizens of the area where the match is being held) - Available 03/19/2018~04/12/2018 (Tickets available 6 months early!)(Lottery result day: 04/26/2018)

C: Rugby Friends - Available 04/19/2018~05/12/2018 (Tickets available 5 months early!)(Lottery result day: 05/26/2018)

D: Support Club - Available 05/19/2018~06/26/2018 (Tickets available 4 months early!)(Lottery result day: 07/10/2018)

General admission: Tickets available starting 09/19/2018 (Lottery result day: 11/26/2018)

・In the event that general tickets are sold out, members of the Supporters Club may apply for tickets through the Supporters Club.(Sales are limited to 6 tickets per entry)

2.Wheelchair Use

Tickets for people using wheelchairs are sold through the official site at the following link: Official ticket site. These tickets will cost the same as the Category D tickets (including children). Tickets come in sets, 1 ticket for the purchaser and 1 ticket for a helper.

When choosing a ticket please select the special category for wheelchairs.

3.ID Registration

All tickets for the Rugby World Cup 2019 are sold through the official ticket site: Official ticket site. ID is required to apply for tickets. (Please click the following link for details on registering your ID:here.

ID Registration

4.Tokyo Stadium Match Schedule


Tokyo Stadium Match Schedule

1. 09/20 Japan vs. Europe @ 19:45 (Pool A)

3. 09/21 France vs. Argentina @ 16:15 (Pool C)

17. 09/29 Australia vs. Wales @ 16:45 (Pool D)

25. 10/05 England vs. Argentina @ 17:00 (Pool C)

27. 10/06 New Zealand vs. Africa @ 13:45 (Pool B)

42. 10/19 Quarter Finals 2 @ 19:15 - Pool B #1 vs. Pool A #2

44. 10/20 Quarter Finals 4 @ 19:15 - Pool B #2 vs. Pool A #1

47. 11/01 3rd place deciding match @ 18:00 -

・Children tickets are for guests UNDER 16 by the time of the matches. Children ticket holders must be accompanied by an adult when entering the stadium.

・Other schedule and ticket information can be found by clicking the following link: here.

5.Tokyo Stadium Seating

Tokyo Stadium

北 = North, 南 = South, 西 = West, 東 = East

Red = Category A, Blue = Category B, Yellow = Category C, Teal = Category D, Grey = Media

・The picture is only a representation of the stadium. The actual stadium seating may differ.

・All seats are reserved seating. Tickets for specific seat numbers are not available.

・Additional information can be found at the following link: here.

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